Alongside our successful removal service, we are also storage movers in Cambridgeshire and offer a safe and secure containerised storage service. Our storage facilities consist of a storage container warehouse, safe from the elements, designed to keep your items safe once they have arrived on our bespoke removal vehicles and are placed into storage. 

storage movers in CambridgeshireWe containerise your items at your home. We bring our storage containers on our specially designed removal lorries and your items are safely loaded in to them during the removal. The storage containers are then sealed and are not opened until they are returned to you at your new home. This minimises handling for your possessions thus ensuring they are kept in their original condition. Our Storage Containers are handled mechanically at our warehouse during the lifting on and off of our removal vehicles. Our removal and storage containers are 7 cubic metres or 250 cubic feet. This is a modern and convenient way of storing your goods, as well as being the most cost effective way of removals and storage. We also offer comprehensive storage insurance for your goods whilst they are stored with us, competitively priced and fully insured. Store with us for a tailored storage package, long-term or short-term. Enquire about our removal and storage packages.

Store with us for:

Seven cubic metre containers
Secure warehouse environment
Domestic storage
Commercial storage
Short-term storage
Long-term storage

Why choose us?

Industry standard storage
Friendly and professional service
Insurance packages available
Relationship of trust throughout
Containerised storage
Removals to storage

For safe, secure and reliable storage, call Move It Quickly on 01480 466 554.


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